HappyWhale regards itself as a jumper for electric sailing in the Netherlands. HappyWhale’s mission is to make a positive contribution to the sustainability of waterrecreation in the Netherlands. The quiet sailing is the new new sailing. In addition, HappyWhale aims to have the largest fleet of electric boats in the Netherlands within 2 years. To achieve this goal we cooperate with local partners in Friesland is as much as possible. Our sustainable boats are therefore casco built and assembled in Friesland.


HappyWhale opens the door to a sustainable fleet. Engineering, design and construction, but also maintenance and service are filled in locally. HappyWhale stands for sustainability of water recreation in Friesland.


HappyWhale is a small organization focused on collaboration and support. We are looking for cooperation with entrepreneurs active in Friesland for the operation of our electric sloops. These can be (professional) rental companies, bungalow parks, recreational parks, camping and / or waterfront establishments. HappyWhale is open to good initiatives. For more information, please contact: + 31- (0) 85 – 303 27 87 info@happywhale.nl

Partners and suppliers

Design and construction, as well as maintenance and service, are as much as possible with local site partners and suppliers. With this, HappyWhale not only supports the sustainable ambitions of the province, but also provides a direct (economic) contribution to the local environment. HappyWhale is following the developments closely and will be in touch with parties who can support and / or strengthen our ambitions


To realize HappyWhale’s ambitions, a large number of private investors participated in the project. In addition, Fûns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy (FSFE) has provided a loan. With this investment in HappyWhale, the FSFE endorses the importance of HappyWhale’s goal of sustaining water sports in Friesland. In addition, this initiative provides an important economic boost in the province of Fryslân. HappyWhale highly appreciates these partners , because without them HappyWhale would not have existed.