Rent a sloop Dokkum

Enjoy the beautiful area around Friesland - Dokkum

At Happywhale we think everybody should have to possibility to enjoy a day on the water.
Just pick a sloop, Choose your starting-point and you can easily make a reservation on our website.

Address :
Schreiershoek Recreatie.
Tichelwei 32A
9215 EB Oostrum
Ph. +31- (0)85-303 27 87

Rent a sloop in Dokkum. Just for 2 hours or a complete day? Select “book now”, pick a date and start enjoying.

Happywhale stands for :

– Quiet and peaceful sailing
– Comfortable sloops
– Steer it yourself & easy to control
– Up to 12 hours battery-time

Pura Vida 550
6 people Pura Vida 550
6 people

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