At Happywhale, we strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy a relaxing day out on the water. Discover the beautiful city of Leeuwarden from the water at our rental location in Leeuwarden Techum. Explore the old canals and revel in the natural beauty of Leeuwarden.

Address: Skuorre 20 8941 BP Leeuwarden

Discover Leeuwarden from the Water:

Explore the charming city of Leeuwarden from the water at our rental location in Leeuwarden Techum. Let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty, the old canals, and the unique atmosphere that Leeuwarden Techum has to offer.

Sloop Rental in Leeuwarden (Techum) & Boat rental Bonkevaart partner:

At Happywhale, you can rent our sloops by the hour, half-day, or for a full day. Make it easy for yourself by clicking “book now”, choosing your desired date, and immediately experiencing your whisper-quiet adventure online.

Why Happywhale for Your Leeuwarden Adventure?

Silent Enjoyment: Happywhale offers a serene boating experience with whisper-quiet sloops, allowing you to fully enjoy the peace and the surroundings. Comfortable Sloops: Our fleet consists of comfortable sloops equipped with modern amenities. Whether you’re with friends, family, or colleagues, we guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience. Self-Drive & Easy to Operate: Enjoy the freedom on the water with self-driven sloops that are easy to operate, even for beginners. Up to 12 Hours of Trouble-Free Boating: Happywhale ensures a carefree day on the water with sloops that effortlessly sail for up to 12 hours.

Reserve Your Sloop in Leeuwarden (Techum):

Happywhale invites you to explore the unique waters of Leeuwarden Techum. Reserve your sloop today via our website by clicking “book now” and selecting your desired date.

Discover Leeuwarden Techum in an extraordinary way, enjoy the comfort of our sloops, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve your sloop today and let Happywhale be your guide to an unforgettable boating experience!

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