Questions and answers

To check availability, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Reserve your boat here.”
  2. Choose the date.
  3. Select the location.
  4. Click on your preferred boat.

If there are no error messages displayed on the screen, the boat is available. Complete your booking to confirm your reservation.

You do not need a boating license to operate our sloops. However, the driver must be 18 years of age or older. It is essential to adhere to the navigation rules!

You can read these rules at: or for a more formal version, visit

You can read our prices here.

The mentioned prices do not include the deposit of €50 per booking. The deposit will be refunded to your account within 5 days.

The deposit will be retained when:

  • The boat is returned late (rate of €50 per hour).
  • The boat is returned with damage.
  • The boat is returned in a dirty condition.

Your own risk is €500 when you rent a boat from Happywhale. This own risk can be waived for €9.95 during the booking.

Making a reservation is very straightforward.

  1. Select a location.
  2. Choose a sloop.
  3. Pick your starting time.
  4. Select how long you want to sail.
  5. Click “Next” and fill in your details.
  6. Click “Next” and choose your payment method.
  7. After this, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation with all the details.

15 minutes before your scheduled time, you will receive an email with a link to start and stop the boat. Please don’t forget to stop the boat using the link after your trip. If the boat is not turned off, hours may be billed.

All sloops come with cushions; however, the STILL 550 is equipped with small square cushions located in the bow of the boat. On sunny days, the deck of the STILL 550 can become quite hot, so please bring an extra towel with you.

Please ensure that you return the boat on time. This is especially important on busy afternoons! The renters after you also want to be able to depart on time.

If you wish to extend your sailing time, please give us a call, and we will check if it’s possible. If it is, you can pay using your mobile device, or it will be deducted from the deposit.

The paid deposit will be refunded within 3 to 5 working days after the boating trip.

The deposit will be retained when:

  • The boat is returned late (rate of €50 per hour).
  • The boat is returned with damage.
  • The boat is returned in a dirty condition.
  • The boat is not turned off using the link provided in the email, which is also used to activate the boat.

Your own risk is €500 when renting a boat from Happywhale. This own risk can be waived for €9.95 during the booking.

More than 24 hours before the start of the rental period                       100% refund of the rent
Between 24 hours and 2 hours before the rental period                         75% refund of the rent
Until 2 hours before the start of the rental period                                     25% refund of the rent
When you do not arrive or too late                                                                 0% refund of the rent

At many of our locations, routes are available, click here. You can also download the free Watersport app to create boating routes.

The battery percentage is indicated in the sloop. If the battery is 100% you can
this allows up to 12 hours of sailing, depending on the sailing speed. (When you go full speed, 9km/h, the battery percentage decreases fast).

The sloops engine stops
Suddenly the throttle lever shoots full forward or backward the engine after 10 sec. secure mode (off.)
By setting the throttle lever to neutral you ‘reset’ the motor from protection. Then slowly build up the speed again.

The battery percentage of the battery decreases quickly
A boat has a maximum speed. When you are full speed, 9km/h, the battery percentage decreases quickly.
The sloop also sails at maximum at 70 – 80 %. You then use much less energy.

The sloop pulls to port, starboard or vibrates
When the sloop starts to vibrate or pulls strongly in one direction, you also feel this on the steering wheel, there is probably a bag or plastic in your screw.
Give full throttle forward for 5 seconds and then full throttle for 5 seconds backwards. Repeat until the bag is gone.

The sloop will automatically sail less quickly
The speed of the sloop decreases and giving more gas has no result.
There is nothing you can do about this. Leave at a battery percentage of 45% we automatically sail the sloop at a slower speed in order to reduce the remaining sailing distance to be large as possible.

Can’t solve the problem yourself or are you unable to solve it completely? Please contact us:        085 303 27 87.

Too bad, an accident! Take care of your own safety and that of others first. Then take pictures of the situation and damage. Always ask for contact details of those involved and/or witnesses. Never plead guilty! Please contact HappyWhale directly.

A dog is allowed on board as long as the boat is returned completely clean, and the next renter doesn’t find any hair.

Tip: Bring a blanket to keep the cushions free of hair.

If the boat is not returned clean, we will withhold €50 from the deposit.

15 minutes before the start of your boating trip, you can activate the email link that was received when booking. Now, you can select a boat number and activate the boat. Boat numbers are located on the exterior of the sloop.

Didn’t receive an email link? Call T +31(0)85 303 27 87, and we will try to activate the boat for you.

Open the cover and disconnect the charging cable from the socket. To start the engine, depending on the boat type, you need to press a gray button or pull a red button located near the throttle. The engine makes little to no noise since it is electric. When you gently apply throttle, you will see water displacement.

There is a built-in track & trace system in the boat, so remote monitoring is always possible.

After completing your boating trip, you must use the email link to turn off the boat. Then, reconnect the charging cable to the sloop so that the next renter can have a fully charged battery.

The boat should be left clean. If you fail to do so, we will deduct €50 from your deposit. Additionally, the boat must be manually turned off using the link provided in the email. If this is not done, it becomes impossible to verify the time at which the customer left the boat. In such a case, the €50 deposit may also be withheld.

Do you have any more questions? Get in touch with us!