Locations in Friesland

At HappyWhale, we invite you to explore the beautiful waters of Friesland with our electric sloops. Enjoy a day of relaxation and adventure as you choose your own route through the picturesque locations in Friesland. Here’s an overview of some enchanting places where you can silently glide through the waters with HappyWhale.

  1. RCN Holiday Park de Potten – Offingawier: Located on the Frisian Sneekermeer, RCN Holiday Park de Potten in Offingawier is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts of all ages. Surrounded by a bird nesting area, the park offers not only great boating opportunities but also beautiful hiking trails and routes for nature lovers. Reserve your sloop and discover the Sneekermeer in peace.
  2. Schreiershoek Recreatie – Oostrum: Near Dokkum, one of the Frisian Eleven Cities, you’ll find Schreiershoek Recreatie in Oostrum. Rent a sloop and experience the unique perspective from the water. Cruise along the historic city center of Dokkum with its fortifications, mills, and 17th-century buildings. Enjoy a delicious lunch, drinks, or dinner at the waterside pavilion.
  3. Rental Location Leeuwarden (Zuiderburen): At Braksân 1 in Leeuwarden (Zuiderburen), you’ll discover the capital of Friesland from the water. Navigate through the old canals and enjoy the natural surroundings. Rent a sloop by the hour, half-day, or full day and experience silent cruising with HappyWhale.
  4. Rental Location Leeuwarden (Techum): HappyWhale also takes you to Leeuwarden (Techum) at Boksumerdyk 4B, 9084 AA Goutum. Experience the charm of this city from the water and enjoy the freedom of self-navigation. Reserve your sloop and explore the waterways of Leeuwarden.
  5. Rental Location Ie-Sicht Alde Feanen – Oudega: On the edge of the National Park De Âlde Feanen and the Princenhof, you’ll find Ie-Sicht in Oudega. An ideal place for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility. Cruise through the beautiful waters surrounded by a rich bird population. Rent a sloop for a half-day or full day and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Rental Location Landal de Veenhoop (Alde Feanen): Explore the waters around Landal de Veenhoop in Alde Feanen. Enjoy the holiday park and discover the surrounding nature. Reserve a sloop and experience the comfort of cruising with HappyWhale in this idyllic setting.
  7. Rental Location Leeuwarden (Middelsee): HappyWhale welcomes you to the enchanting location in Leeuwarden. Discover the capital of Friesland from the water and enjoy the freedom of self-navigation. Reserve your sloop online and make your visit to Leeuwarden an unforgettable experience.
  8. Rental Location Stiens (Bartelehiem): Enjoy the idyllic Stiens from the water at our rental location in Stiens. Explore the area and cruise to the picturesque Bartlehiem or enjoy the quiet polders. Easily reserve your sloop by the hour, half-day, or full day and experience hassle-free cruising with HappyWhale.
  9. Rental Location Wyns – De Winze: HappyWhale invites you to explore the picturesque waters around Wyns at our rental location at De Winze in Wyns. Experience the beauty of the Eleven Cities Route and cruise to the historic Bartlehiem or explore the old canals of Leeuwarden. Reserve your sloop and enjoy a day of cruising fun with HappyWhale.
  10. Rental Location Bergum – Bergumermeer: At the rental location in Bergum at the Bergumermeer, you can rent a boat to explore the beautiful waters of Friesland. Cruise through the picturesque Bergumermeer and discover the tranquility and beauty of the area. From here, you can easily sail to National Park De Alde Feanen, a vast nature reserve with lakes, marshes, and reed fields. Let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty of this special area as you cruise through it. Reserve your boat today and experience an unforgettable adventure on the water in Bergum.

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