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Genieten van de mooie omgeving rondom Limburg - Kessel

At HappyWhale we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a day of sailing. Choose one of our locations yourself and book a sloop quickly and easily via our website.

Sloop sailing from the romantic Limburg Maasdorp Kessel

Oppe Loswal  1
5995 MB Kessel
Tel. 085-303 27 87

Parking: Our sloops leave from the car-free Kesselse Loswal. You can park next to the Beeselseweg, on the picturesque Veers square or on the Veersepad. Then you can walk to the Maasboulevard in a few minutes.

Sloop sailing. That’s the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. That is enjoyment! Sloepverhuur Limburg offers a wonderful cruise on the Maas between Venlo and Roermond from the romantic Maas village of Kessel. Make it a wonderful day with your family, friends or colleagues!

From the Loswal – at the foot of the National Monument Castle De Keverberg – you can explore the North Limburg Maas with one of the easy-to-operate electric sloops. Circle around one of the excavated gravel holes, sail in and out of the Maasarm at Neer and discover the wetland nature reserve De Asseltse Plassen. That is enjoying on the waves of the Maas.

Rent a sloop in Kessel? For two hours, a half-day or an entire day? Select “book now”, choose a date and book online.

HappyWhale stands for:
– Enjoy silently
– Comfortable sloops
– Operate yourself & easy to operate
– Up to 12 hours of trouble-free sailing

Pura Vida 550
6 people Pura Vida 550
6 people

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