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Enjoy the beautiful area around Friesland - Terherne

At HappyWhale we think everyone should be able to enjoy a day of sailing. Choose from one of our locations and reserve a boat quickly and easily via our website.

Jachthaven Terherne-Nautic
Syl 12
8493 LL Terherne
Tel. 085-303 27 87

Terherne is one of the most central places in Friesland and an ideal sailing area! A large part of the Frisian Lakes area is just around the corner from the large spacious harbor “De Horne” of Jachtverhuur Terherne Nautic. You can easily reach Sneekermeer, which is known by Sneekweek, or you can sail past the Kameleon village. In the village there is a lot of entertainment in the field of food and drink at, among others, ‘t Schipperhus or ‘t Far or visit the Klinkerhamer family in the interactive museum of De Kameleon!

Rent a sloop in Terherne? For two hours, half-day or entire day? Select “book now”, choose a date and book online.

The images below indicate where you can park in front of the Terherne location.

HappyWhale stands for:

– Enjoy quietly
– Comfortable sloops
– Self-driving & easy to operate
– Easy sailing for up to 12 hours

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